First, let us say that we aren’t anti-american. Far from it. And even though we mention Obama, he isn’t responsible for all this. Those responsible are mainly pressure groups, lobbyists, banks, multinationals, shareholders, politicians, etc…

But it’s clear that it is a treaty which is against values that are shared amongst Europeans.

We totally understand that there are emerging powers (and some are very well-emerged), and that together we’re stronger. But surely there are other ways…

We’re of course also not against Europe. Alone, the countries would have a hard time going against the great powers. We’re even not particularly against creating a stronger union with the Unites States, but not any price, not under these conditions.

Similar treaties have already been set up in the past. The NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) is a treaty between the United States, Canada and Mexico. We’ve seen that in this instance, multinational companies have the upper hand over countries when there are disagreements. And at the end those who suffer from it is the population. Here is one example amongst dozens.

Although we’re asking you to sign the petition, we’re not affiliated to any political party (even if we’re not great admirers of extremists parties). What we aim for is to open up the debate which is nearly absent from the media.

This project is an attempt to popularize a complicated subject, where often available texts are gruelling and off-putting. And we have of course not been able to talk about everything. For those interested in the subject we’ve listed below our sources and a few links (all in French).

Regarding the “Exception Culturelle”, only the audiovisual and the cinema have been taken out. All the rest, like literature, is still in there. By the way dear French friends, you can also sign another petition here.

Oh ! And here is a quick explanation of what ractopamine is :

Ractopamine is a drug used to promote leanness in pigs and bovines. Owing to its danger to health for the animals and its consumers, it was banned in 160 countries, counting the Europian Union, Russia and China. (‘Monde diplomatique’ of november 2013)

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